Johnson County

Our county COVID-19 numbers are now available online by visiting the Johnson County COVID-19 tracker.

These numbers are also updated daily on the JoCoMO Emergency Operations Facebook page.

You can view the Johnson County Reopening & Recovery Plan on the JCCHS website. 

Updated Johnson County, MO COVID-19 testing results. COVID-19 cases are reported by county, rather than city, as reporting cases by cities may not accurately depict the area that the patient has traveled. State and local health officials are continuing to trace activity and will attempt to notify those that have been identified through their investigation as someone who may have been exposed.

CDC and state sites are not updating their numbers at the exact time as Johnson County; therefore, results may vary at different times throughout the day. We will do our best to update these numbers by 6:00 P.M. daily.

The Johnson County COVID-19 Task Force is comprised of officials from the Johnson County Community Health Services, Johnson County Emergency Management Agency, Johnson County Ambulance District, Johnson County Central Dispatch, Johnson County Sheriff's Office, Johnson County Coroner's Office, Warrensburg Police Department, Warrensburg Fire Department, Holden Fire & Rescue, Johnson County Fire Protection District, Johnson County Fire Protection District #2, Knob Noster Fire & Rescue, Western Missouri Medical Center, University of Central Missouri, Whiteman Air Force Base, and Compass Health Services.