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Rally Point Standard Operating Procedure

Effective Date: Jan 1st, 2019


The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to outline the responsibilities and duties that need to be completed at the designated Rally Points.


This standard operating procedure applies to all volunteers affiliated with the Johnson County Community Emergency Response Team or Johnson County Emergency Management Agency.


If any affiliated volunteer is the first one to arrive at any one of the designated Rally Points, they must do the following:

· Complete an inspection form.

· Call Deputy Director Poteet (660-624-0071) and report their findings.

· Start a check-in list for all volunteers that arrive on site.

All other arriving volunteers must complete the following:

· Check-In - Need to provide:

Cell phone number
License plate number
Vehicle description


Volunteers must complete the above to be released from Rally Point site. No volunteer should leave Rally Point location without approval from Director Armstrong, Deputy Director Poteet, or Deputy Director Biondo.Johnson County Emergency Management Agency 263 SE, MO-13, Warrensburg, MO 64093Phone: 660.747.2666, Fax: 660.747.2316