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The Household Hazardous Waste collection site is a place Johnson County residents can dispose of old chemicals and household hazardous waste free of charge. It offers a way to get rid of old chemicals and materials to help prevent them from getting into the waste stream and polluting the environment.

Where is the HHW collection site?

326 E. North Street

Warrensburg, MO  64093

(Red Building Across from Road & Bridge)

What are the HHW facility's hours?
Open once a month from April-October

9 A.M. to 1 P.M. on Saturdays (Apr 20th, May 18, Jul 20, Sep 21, & Oct 19)

​5P.M. to 9P.M. on Fridays (Jun 21 & Aug 16)

What items will the HHW facility accept?
We will accept almost all chemical items from a residential house, such as: aerosols, batteries, used oil, gasoline, antifreeze, pesticides, herbicides, garden chemicals, household cleaners and fluorescent bulbs. Small electronic waste will be accepted such as computers, monitors, printers, radios and televisions. 

What items are not accepted at the HHW facility?
Explosives, Ammunition, Latex Paint, Asbestos, Smoke Alarms, Radioactive Waste, Unlabeled Items, Medical Waste (Human or Animal), Tires or large household appliances, or anything with freon.

Who can bring items to the HHW facility?
Any resident of Johnson County

Can business or non-profit use the Household Hazardous Waste Facility?
No, business and non-profit waste is not eligible to be collected at the HHW collection site. 

How can I get more information?
Contact our Household Hazardous Waste Coordinator at (660) 747-2666!

​​Johnson County, Missouri