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Johnson County LEPC

263 SE State Route 13

Warrensburg, MO  64093

(660) 747-2666

LEPC Chairperson

Teresa Layton, American Red Cross

LEPC Vice Chairperson

Cecilia Drerup, Johnson County Central Dispatch

LEPC Secretary/Treasurer

Darrin Tobias, Johnson County EMA

Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) must develop an emergency response plan, review the plan at least annually, and provide information about chemicals in the community to citizens. Plans are developed by LEPCs with stakeholder participation. 

The following groups comprise the LEPC:

  • Elected state and local officials

  • Police, fire, civil defense, and public health professionals

  • Environment, transportation, and hospital officials

  • Facility representatives

  • Representatives from community groups and the media

Facilities covered by The Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) must submit emergency and hazardous chemical inventory forms known as Tier II forms each year. In Missouri, forms are submitted to the Missouri Emergency Response Commission (MERC), the Johnson County LEPC and the local fire department.



Johnson County facilities storing hazardous chemicals may have to report that activity by March 1st every year as required by state and federal regulations which implement the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986.  In general, a report is required for each chemical being stored in excess of specified limits at any time during the previous calendar year:​

Gasoline (all grades)- 75,000 gallons
Diesel (all grades)- 100,000 gallons
Hazardous chemical (as defined by OSHA)- 10,000 pounds
Extremely hazardous chemical (as listed by EPA)- to 500 pounds
Explosives- 100 pounds for 15 days or longer

Facilities meeting this requirement must submit a Missouri Tier Two report to the Missouri Emergency Response Commission (includes a fee), the Johnson County Local Emergency Planning Committee at the address above and the local fire service.  However, the local fire service must be notified within 24 hours of storing more than 100 pounds of explosives.  Additional information is available is available by contacting the Johnson County Local Emergency Planning Committee at (660) 747-2666 or by mail at JohnsonCountyMOLEPC@gmail.com 

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